e-Learning Gamification

Matchstick Puzzle Maker

All puzzle-loving kids, parents, and teachers can dive into the world of matchstick puzzles with the Matchstick Puzzle Maker – where fun meets learning in the most exciting way!

The Matchstick Puzzle Maker is not just a game; it’s an online gateway to a world of learning and enjoyment where you can make your own scenarios for other people to solve.

Create Any Puzzle: Unleash your intellect and creativity and let your imagination run wild! Craft matchstick puzzles about anything you love, as easy or as tricky as you want.

Share with Ease: Show off your brilliant puzzles to your friends or family with a customizable landing page or embed them on your school’s website to challenge a global audience.

Track Engagement: Get real-time statistics on how many players enjoy your puzzles each day, making it a valuable tool for educators and puzzle creators.

Interactive Feedback: Encourage problem-solving skills and critical thinking by creating a competition, as players can submit their solutions for your review when they think they have figured out the puzzle, so you will know who got it right.

Publish the Solutions: Easily publish cherry-picked solutions in a beautiful gallery to encourage the interactive puzzle-solving community.

Why you’ll love it

Learning through Play: The Matchstick Puzzle Maker challenges kids to think, analyze, and develop problem-solving skills, while having a blast.

Memory Booster: Sharpen memory and improve hand-eye coordination through a hands-on, engaging experience. You’ll be spotting patterns and solving mysteries in no time.

Math Foundation: You’ll discover that math can be fantastic fun, making learning feel like play. It’s like having your very own math adventure every time you solve a puzzle.

Get ready to create your own matchstick puzzle – a game that brings together creativity, learning, and endless entertainment.