Enable Users to Generate Visual Content with Digital Compositor

Because brands won’t survive without interactive experiences

The only interactive content marketing tool that helps you capture leads by enabling users to generate and submit visual content on your site.

    Build fun, interactive, VIRAL marketing campaigns, just like this, without worrying about the tech behind it

    People Magazine recently enabled consumers to upload and share their photos on the cover of their Sexiest Man Alive issue.

    With the right tools and strategy, just about any brand can reap the rewards of User-Generated Content.

    Now you can too!

    As more and more brands are already taking advantage of this, we’ll start to see even more brands nailing these kinds of campaigns.

    Empower your small business to stand out from the competition with this one-of-a-kind interactive marketing tool, designed to generate more leads by enabling your visitors to effortlessly create and submit digital compositions. It was built from the ground up to be the most user friendly and performant digital compositing tool in the world.

    How image compositing works

    Discover the power of image cutting.

    The first approach allows you to draw a defined shape around the object you wish to extract. Simply release the mouse button or touch the starting point to close the path, and the desired object will be seamlessly separated from the rest.

    For those seeking the utmost precision, the second method offers a click-by-click approach, ensuring a flawless and accurate cutout.

    Whichever method you choose, rest assured that even after the path is closed, you retain the ability to fine-tune the shape. Achieve the level of detail and accuracy your project demands with this powerful image cutting capability.

    Achieve seamless image blending magic with the Feather slider.

    With the feathering feature, merging images becomes a smooth and natural process, creating a cohesive composition as if it were always meant to be. Once the image has been cut, the Feather slider takes center stage, offering you precise control over the blending process.

    This advanced tool simplifies digital compositing, making it accessible to all. Unleash your inner visual effects artist and elevate your creations to a new level of professionalism. Embrace the art of seamless blending and witness your visual masterpieces come to life.

    Grow Your Business with User Generated Content

    ✔️ Attract leads  ✔️ Increase engagement  ✔️ Build customer trust  ✔️ Expand social reach  ✔️ Build SEO value

    Let your users generate evergreen visual content that will benefit your audience and business for years to come.

    Conjure up the default artboard template for your visitors to work with

    Create new project with various customizable options. Add custom props to the list of assets that your users can import to canvas with a single click.

    Publish instantly

    Your campaigns are mobile-friendly and offer the option of a dedicated page to directly share with your users or can be effortlessly embedded inline on websites using a simple code snippet – all without the need for technical skills or developer resources.

    Watch the submissions come rolling in

    Your users can submit their artwork without having to jump through unnecessary hoops in order to participate. Identify which individuals are most committed to your brand. Collect contact details from these key consumers to build the relationship and offer exclusive experiences and promotions.

    The submissions help you understand your target audience better and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

    It is a powerful lead magnet especially when combined with an incentive such as a contest or a giveaway.

    Easily export the leads as CSV or send them straight to your favorite CRM software.

    Publish user submissions in a beautiful gallery

    Enrich home pages with authentic content that converts. You have the option to approve submissions before they go public, ensuring the content aligns with your vision.
    By showcasing user experiences, you can inspire and engage new visitors, fostering a sense of relatability that leads to higher conversions. Embrace the power of authentic visual content, as it resonates more effectively than overly polished and professional materials. Let your website shine with genuine, user-generated content that brings your brand to life!

    Insightful Analytics

    Rely on advanced data-driven metrics. Gain detailed insights on every interaction of your leads, like impressions, imports, downloads.
    Benefit from the most user-friendly analytics to understand your campaign’s performance, enable your organization to be more effective and make the right decisions at the right time.

    Developer Friendly Webhooks-Enabled API

    Seamlessly integrate with your favorite software

    Integration with most of the top marketing automation apps. Easily connect Compositor to all your existing e-learning tech via Zapier or Webhooks. Send your new leads straight to your LMS, CRM or email marketing platform in real time as they are captured.

    Turn your website into a User-Generated Content powerhouse

    Crafting relatable content on your own is hard, time consuming work. By integrating Compositor with WordPress you can automatically generate a new WordPress post every time you receive a new image submission. Get on the User-Generated Content bandwagon before you miss out on the opportunity as more and more brands realize how successful it can be.

    How does Compositor build brand loyalty and help boost funnel conversions?

    Benefits of User Generated Content


    85% of users regard visual UGC as more influential than the content made by the brands directly.


    92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising.


    UGC improves site engagement and visitors will spend 90% more time on the website.

    Read more about the benefits of UGC ➙

    Turn your website into a truly engaging interactive destination

    Interactivity is an important part of the content marketing strategy in the present era where customers are ready to rave about your products or services online.

    Learn more about Interactive Content Experience ➙

    More reasons to love us

    Perfectly responsive

    Rest assured that the compositor is designed to be 100% responsive, so you can view and edit it easily on any device, meaning it works on mobile, tablets & desktop, which is a crucial feature in a mobile-first world.

    Drag and drop interface

    You can easily customize the template of the campaign from a drag and drop touch friendly interface. You can also use multitouch gestures to rotate or resize on touch screens.

    Publish anywhere

    No Limits. Embed your campaigns easily on your website. Compatible with all site builders, E-Commerce platforms and websites, no matter whether you are using Wix or WordPress or any other CMS.

    Export your data in a CSV file format

    Whether you want to import your leads to another software for further analysis, or merge data from multiple campaigns. You can export exactly the items you need.


    Send data to a wide range of integrations including all major email marketing apps through Zapier and webhooks.


    Track the performance of your campaign with easy to understand tracking data. No need to dig around for the performance – it’s all right at your fingertips.

    Email notifications

    Option to automatically receive email notifications when a composition is submitted. Never miss a single submission.

    Excellent support service

    If any questions rise in the course of using the product, the support will resolve as quickly as possible.

    GDPR compliant

    We value your privacy and rights over personal data. Therefore Compositor is GDPR and CCPA compliant to protect your privacy. We have implemented a number of security measures to protect data and ensure compliance with GDPR.

    No coding skills required

    Our app requires absolutely no coding knowledge. Edit the composition template to your liking, copy its embed code snippet, and paste it where needed. That’s it.

    Don’t take our word for it


    Learning and Education

    This app is excellent for 6th-grade students who are just starting to explore technology. We provide various goals and assignments, such as teaching them how to save and retrieve photos from a folder while staying organized. The website adds an element of fun to the learning process. Students are tasked with saving photos of teachers and conducting face swaps, requiring them to find the saved photos later and insert them into the swap. It’s a great hands-on experience that allows them to edit the photos themselves, enhancing their creativity and technical skills.

    ~ Deborah, technology teacher

    Let’s transform how people