Free Thug Life Online Editor

Create Thug Life Meme in Three Simple Steps

  1. Import your image.
  2. Edit your image adding glasses, necklaces or other props.
  3. Download or publish your final composition.

There is no limit what you can do with this online editor. It is fast and secure, works on every browser and device. Scroll down to start!

Two ways to cut out objects from the image.

Use the Cut tool to draw a shape around the object you would like to cut out and just release the mouse button or touch the starting point to close the path. Alternatively you can start cutting click by click for a more precise cutout. Either way you can fine tune the shape by moving the control points when the path is closed.

Use the Feather slider to smoothly blend it in.

After the cutout you can use the Feather slider to merge images seamlessly together, as if it was supposed to be there. Digital compositing has never been so simple. Surprise your friends with your newly aquired visual effects artist skills.


Insert unlimited images from your computer or import from URL, and add text layers. Or just click on any of the props to get started.

Use the Cut tool to draw a shape around the object that you would like to cut out from the background.

Insert Thug Life sunglasses, hats, gold chains, necklaces, bling bling, joints and cigarettes in one click or upload your own.

Use the sliders to blend in or color correct your images. Filters include brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and RGB.

Resize the artboard from the bottom right corner to only get the work area you want before downloading your image.

You can move your images freely around and also use multitouch gestures to rotate or resize on touch screens. Works on mobile but best results on desktop.

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We value your privacy so the Compositor works on the front end in your browser, meaning your imported images will not be uploaded or stored in our server.

Thug Life Maker


It also enables your visitors to create and submit visual content on your landing page. Build canvas templates for your visitors to work with, add stickers of your choice, integrations to automatically generate new pages on your site when the image is submitted, and many more features.

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